Precision is committed to reducing our overall carbon footprint on this planet by mandating specific activities within our company.

These include waste reduction procedures, energy and materials conservation procedures along with overall workflow processes that include greener initiatives.

  1. We currently offset 100% of the kilowatt hours we use, or, energy pulled from the grid with renewable energy credits. Precision has been committed to this for over 3 years.

  2. Precision is an FSC certified printer which is short for The Forestry Stewardship Council. This council is a non-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. RR Donnelley is proud to be globally certified in each of our facilities. By requesting only FSC certified papers from Precision you can show your support for the further growth and development of a sustainable forest products industry.

  3. Precision also has the SFI Certification from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. A North American forest certification program based on best management processes designed to ensure the future health and growth of forests along with the protection of our wildlife, plant, soil and water resources. RR Donnelley is proud to be certified in each of our facilities.

  4. Because Precision is a part of the national footprint of RR Donnelley, we utilize our resources and reduce emissions by not creating the need for cross country deliveries. We produce products using sister companies which are closer to the final destination.

  5. We print everyday with soy based and vegetable based inks and use alcohol-free press fountain solutions.

  6. Precision has installed brand new energy efficient, low wattage lighting system throughout the entire plant, both office and manufacturing areas.

Moreover, we continue to recycle all of our excess steel, aluminum, unused inks and coatings, plastic, corrugated and paper from our manufacturing facility.